Standing Wooden Buddha on Lotus Base| Gesture of Protection Carrying Medicine Bowl




Buddha standing on lotus base in Gesture/Posture of Protection while carrying Medicine bowl.

The Medicine Buddha is the highest possible model of a healer. Among the 12 vows the Medicine Buddha is said to have taken is that of curing just by the invocation of his name or the thought of Him. He was worshipped as the dispenser of spiritual medicine that could cure spiritual, psychological, and physical disease. But this Buddha is not worshipped simply for healing powers alone; he is the form of the Buddha-nature that we aspire to realize in ourselves. Through the practice of meditation on the Medicine Buddha, one can generate enormous healing power for self and for the healing of others. This particular piece is made of gilded wood and standing on a lotus flower with the gesture/posture of Protection while holding his medicine bowl.

Gilded Wood

74h x 18w x 14d in

Mountain Temple Gallery (Work)

Additional information

Dimensions 741814 in